Tile Mate: World’s best-selling anything finder


We all lose things from time to time, and we always find them in the last place we look. That’s if we find it at all! I can’t remember the number of times I’ve misplaced my keys and spent the next 15 minutes looking for them only to have missed the train to work.

Enter Tile Mate! Tile Mate is a small bluetooth enabled device that fits right in your keychain. It works by connecting to your phone via bluetooth. When it’s in proximity to your phone, simply use the accompanying app to make it ring.

It was the first of its kind in its format to release some years ago and has really got a good grasp on this category among its competitors. The device has also shrunk in size over that time too.

It also works in reverse so you can find your phone using the Tile Mate device, as long as it’s within the bluetooth range.

When Tile Mate is out of bluetooth range, you can see its last known location when your phone last connected to it. There’s also a large community you can rely on to find lost items. You can anonymously list your lost item on Tile’s network of over 5 million users. You will be alerted when your lost item comes in proximity of any of those users’ devices.

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