Rocketbook Everlast: A reusable smart notebook

Everlast from Rocketbook is a buy once, use forever kind of notebook. It commands the recently created category of smart books. It’s impressively made and feels just like a notebook should. It brings the best of two worlds – the feeling of pen to paper and the ability to store and manipulate writings on a computer afterwards.

Out of the box, the Rocketbook is connected to many cloud services. Simply write in the notebook, use the companion app to quickly scan the pages and voila – it’s stored safely in the cloud service of your choice.

Once you’re done with your work and its stored safely in the cloud, use a damp cloth to clean the pages and reuse for the next set of notes.

Unlike some competing products, the Rocketbook isn’t limited to whiteboard markers – pens work really well and erase quite easily.

The reusability is also a plus for the environment – no more wasting paper for every notebook you use and throw away.

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