Hermes Chess Set: The most beautifully designed chess set we’ve ever seen


If you’ve got a lot of cash lying around not doing anything, and you love a game of chess, this Hermes Chess Set may be just the thing to quench your spending appetite.

It will set you back a whopping $6,400 but at least you can tell your guests how you dropped $6000+ on a chess set from Hermes. Price aside, the chess set is made of Java solid palissander wood and Mahogany. It is beautifully crafted which any design connoisseur will most definitely appreciate.

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Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Lock: Keeps your ice cream safe

Ben & Jerry’s

If you’ve ever had your ice cream mysteriously disappear or if you remember saving more of it than when you last opened it, the Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream lock is perfect for you.

The lock comes with metal combination lock with a pre-assigned combination that can’t be changed. It fits Ben & Jerry’s Pint sized ice cream packs. While nothing stops the would-be thief in his tracks, this lock makes a fun gift for the ice cream lovers in your life.

Another great case for a lock such as this is a where you may be sharing accomodation with others who can’t be trusted with your ice cream. I know I’m buying one for my workplace!

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