WACACO Portable Espresso Maker: A handheld coffee maker

This one’s for all the coffee addicts out there. Wacaco sells a range of portable take-anywhere espresso makers that will make you a fresh cup of coffee anywhere.

The portable espresso maker works with loose ground coffee or pre-filled pods from the likes of Nespresso. Add hot water and with a bit of manpower you have a nice cup of espresso to go.

Wacaco have improved on their previous iterations of the espresso maker requiring less force than the previous version of the product. The product is quite small for what it is and fits easily in your travel bag.

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AirGoods Beach Sun Shade: Protects you from sunburn

Take a break from the sun at the beach with this sun shade canopy from AirGoods. It’s a portable device that you take along to the beach and easily prop up when you need the shade.

It’s multifunctional – it has an inflatable pillow to rest your head on. Along with that you can put your drinks and cups in the pillow holes that come with it.

The canopy is ventilated to take full advantage of the cool breeze of the sea side. The canopy also comes with a blanket and a carry bag. It’s available in a blue and purple.

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Bip Foldable Chair: The future is foldable

Di-Lite’s Bip foldable chair is a new product that closed a successful kickstarter campaign to bring their idea of a chair to life. This 3-step chair is as compact as they come and is quick to set up and fold back down.

It comes in 5 amazing colors to meet every taste and is made with premium Italian leather. It’s incredibly light and easy to carry around to wherever it is you’re going.

For what it is, it can hold a lot of weight and is flexible to a few different sitting styles. It’s due to ship May 2019 so keep a look out for it.

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Yeti Hard Coolers: A cooler with a hot following

Yeti Hard Coolers

Yeti coolers are the stuff of legends. They’ve gathered a near cult like following in such a short amount of time. And for very good reasons too.

Most coolers from Yeti come with thick walls for better insulation. This keeps the temperature cooler for longer when compared to other comparable coolers from other manufacturers.

They are built like tanks and go almost anywhere you can. They’re great for storing your drinks to keep them cool on a hot sunny day, and with less ice to keep it cool when compared to coolers from other manufacturers. The coolers handle well and are perfect for storing your catch on the boat.

Yeti offers coolers in many colours, sizes and configurations to suit any style and purpose. Aside from their hard coolers, they also sell soft coolers which are amazing for the beach or where portability must rule.

As far as coolers go, you can do no better than a Yeti cooler. Be prepared, however to shell out some serious cash for one. They command a hefty price. But in return you have an amazing cooler that will keep on giving longer than most.

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