Anker PowerCore+ Mini: A lipstick-sized portable charger that packs a charge

Anker is fast becoming one of our favourite tech accessory maker. The quality of product they offer is top notch. Besides quality they have quite the range of products as well – from battery chargers, power banks, speakers and more. We love their products so much, we almost always pick their products over the competitors similar product.

From this amazing brand comes the PowerCore+ Mini. The PowerCore+ Mini is an ultra-portable power bank that’s compatible with both Apple and Android devices. It supports high speed chargers for devices that do so you’re never waiting too long to juice up your devices.

Even with its small size, it’s able to power an iPhone 8 to full charge and then some.

It’s shaped like a lipstick and fits easily in your bag.

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Bluelounge Multi Cable Clip: Keep your cable ends tidy

This multi cable clip is a device so simple yet so very effective. It’s a simple solution to everyone’s cable problems.

The Bluelounge CableDrop clip comes with 4 grooves to lock in four of your pesky USB or USB-esk cables. Your cables are tied in neatly to give your desk and neat and tidy look.

The back is adhesive and sticks to most flat surfaces including wooden furniture. It’s an essential item for every desk.

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Cyclops: Turns your iPad into a terrifying and huggable monster

iPad cases are a dime a dozen. This one from ILoveHandles caught our attention though. Its furry, loveable and huggable. It makes a great gift for kids and while at the same time keeping your iPad a little bit safer from damage.

It comes in a single brown colour and style, with two extending hands which are made of microfiber to clean your screen.

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Nebula Portable Projector: Take the big screen on the go

Imagine taking the big screen anywhere. That’s what Nebula Mars II from Anker makes possible. It’s a portable projector with a built-in battery you can take with you.

Nebula Mars II transforms any room into a home cinema. You can even take it outdoors for binge watching your favourite TV shows. It supports an extensive range of connectivity options: USB, Smart-phone, DVD, TV Boxes, etc.

The picture quality out of this mini projector is remarkable from a projector of this size and portability. We only wish the projector could last longer than the 4 hours it claims to last.

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Tug: A power connector that breaks away so you don’t trip away

Remember the MagSafe power connectors from Apple? It’s making a return – well sort of! The MagSafe connectors was my favourite feature of the previous generations MacBook. It magnetically snaps and unsnaps to avoid any mishaps.

It was unfortunately killed to make way for USB-C connectors. The guys at ILoveHandles have developed a replacement of sorts. The Tug snaps at the power outlet instead of at the laptop. It works similar to the MagSafe connector. When pulled, the connection is broken at the outlet and mishaps are avoided.

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PolarPro Defender 77 Lens Cover: A rugged lens cover for your camera

The last thing you need when travelling is a broken lens. A lens cap that sticks on the camera properly and can take a bit of hurt away from the lens is priceless.

The Defender series of lens covers from PolarPro is just that – a set of rugged lens covers for the serious shooter. It’s made of flexible elastomer and fits snugly around your lens for easy installation.

There are many thread sizes so we’re sure your lens is covered – no pun intended!

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Bose QuietComfort 35 II: A serious contender for the best wireless headphones

The QC 35 II from Bose is a best-selling noise cancelling headphone that you’re bound to have seen adorning many heads. They’re incredibly popular and we can see why.

is a best-selling noise cancelling headphone that you’re bound to have seen adorning many heads. They’re incredibly popular and we can see why.

Its completely wireless and works over Bluetooth with any of your Bluetooth enabled devices. It’s a noticeable improvement over its predecessor which was already an almost perfect product.

The noice cancelling ability of these headphones are hard to rival. Once you put these on, you can glide through noisy street without noticing the world around you. The sound quality matches that of any of Bose’s other high quality headphones.

It comes with minimal controls which we like. And with built-in Alexa, your assistant is also never far away.

As far as over-the-ear wireless headphones go, you can’t look past the QC 35 II from Bose.

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Mighty Vibe: A Spotify player with offline music storage

Spotify has changed the game on music in the last decade. No one I know downloads music mp3s anymore. Streaming is all the rage. Whether it’s Spotify or Apple music or something else – streaming is the only way to go.

The guys at Mighty have created just the player for the streamers out there. It’s the worlds first ever device that plays your Spotify music without a phone, screen or internet connection.

Simply use Spotify as you otherwise would with the Mighty player as the controller. When offline, Mighty stores and plays 5 hours of music from its tiny package. It makes going for runs much easier without having to carry around a phone!

Mighty is made for maximum durability. It can handle a lot of what you can throw at it.

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Rocketbook Everlast: A reusable smart notebook

Everlast from Rocketbook is a buy once, use forever kind of notebook. It commands the recently created category of smart books. It’s impressively made and feels just like a notebook should. It brings the best of two worlds – the feeling of pen to paper and the ability to store and manipulate writings on a computer afterwards.

Out of the box, the Rocketbook is connected to many cloud services. Simply write in the notebook, use the companion app to quickly scan the pages and voila – it’s stored safely in the cloud service of your choice.

Once you’re done with your work and its stored safely in the cloud, use a damp cloth to clean the pages and reuse for the next set of notes.

Unlike some competing products, the Rocketbook isn’t limited to whiteboard markers – pens work really well and erase quite easily.

The reusability is also a plus for the environment – no more wasting paper for every notebook you use and throw away.

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Tile Mate: World’s best-selling anything finder


We all lose things from time to time, and we always find them in the last place we look. That’s if we find it at all! I can’t remember the number of times I’ve misplaced my keys and spent the next 15 minutes looking for them only to have missed the train to work.

Enter Tile Mate! Tile Mate is a small bluetooth enabled device that fits right in your keychain. It works by connecting to your phone via bluetooth. When it’s in proximity to your phone, simply use the accompanying app to make it ring.

It was the first of its kind in its format to release some years ago and has really got a good grasp on this category among its competitors. The device has also shrunk in size over that time too.

It also works in reverse so you can find your phone using the Tile Mate device, as long as it’s within the bluetooth range.

When Tile Mate is out of bluetooth range, you can see its last known location when your phone last connected to it. There’s also a large community you can rely on to find lost items. You can anonymously list your lost item on Tile’s network of over 5 million users. You will be alerted when your lost item comes in proximity of any of those users’ devices.

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SwitchPod: Tripod to handheld in seconds

Kickstarter – SwitchPod

Casey Neistat made the GorillaPod flexible tripods world famous, at least among Youtubers and creators of video and photo content. While the GorillaPod wasn’t originally created with the intention of being handheld, it’s served that purpose well.

The SwitchPod is a 2-in-1 tripod that is both a selfie-stick and a traditional tripod. It can switch between these modes in seconds, as you can see in the illustration below. It is made for portability with its lightweight and compact design and the designers claim it to be indestructible – something we wish to test at some stage.

Kickstarter – SwitchPod – switching modes

While the traditional tripod mode is nice and makes the device extremely versatile, it is quite short and depending on your use, it may not be the thing you desire. You really have to want the selfie mode before you reach for your wallet for the SwitchPod. But if you do, you’ll be pleased with its hand-held abilities.

It fits most cameras, even phones and even DLSRs are supported. It’s currently crowdfunding and is expected to land mid to late this year.

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Bespoke Post: A monthly box for guys that’s full of surprises

Bespoke Post

Subscriptions boxes are nothing new – there’s one to cover every aspect of your life. There is the now infamous Dollar Shave Club which sends fresh razors and other shave related products your way every month. Many others clutter this category. It’s quite simple – you pick some products and once a month, like clockwork, you receive in them in the mail. Not so, with this box full of wonder.

The boxes from Bespoke Post work differently. Bespoke Post find mostly undiscovered goods from great brands you’ve probably never heard of and offer you a preview of what’s to come in your box. You choose to either get the box shipped or skip it depending on whether or not the goods in the box is of interest – which by the looks of the past boxes we can’t see why they wouldn’t!

Signing up to a subscription costs you nothing. You only pay for when you choose not to skip a box every month. Boxes cost $45 and have items of value of at least $70.

The element of surprise, the great value and the quality of the goods makes this a favourite in our books.

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