AllBirds Women’s Wool Runners: A shoe that feels naturally soft

If you haven’t had the pleasure of trying on an Allbirds shoe yet, you really don’t know what you’re missing out on. Allbirds is a very young company and how they’ve managed to craft shoes as good as they have is nothing short of amazing.

Allbirds shoes are stylish and comfortable. Comfortable as in the most comfortable shoe you’ve ever worn. They’re so soft and comfortable, socks are often optional with these. These sneakers are great for all day wearing and are light to walk in.

On top of all that, Allbirds shoes are environmentally friendly too. Made from wool and tree fibre, these shoes are easy on mother nature. The finished product feels very light due to the material choices Allbirds makes.

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Bespoke Post: A monthly box for guys that’s full of surprises

Bespoke Post

Subscriptions boxes are nothing new – there’s one to cover every aspect of your life. There is the now infamous Dollar Shave Club which sends fresh razors and other shave related products your way every month. Many others clutter this category. It’s quite simple – you pick some products and once a month, like clockwork, you receive in them in the mail. Not so, with this box full of wonder.

The boxes from Bespoke Post work differently. Bespoke Post find mostly undiscovered goods from great brands you’ve probably never heard of and offer you a preview of what’s to come in your box. You choose to either get the box shipped or skip it depending on whether or not the goods in the box is of interest – which by the looks of the past boxes we can’t see why they wouldn’t!

Signing up to a subscription costs you nothing. You only pay for when you choose not to skip a box every month. Boxes cost $45 and have items of value of at least $70.

The element of surprise, the great value and the quality of the goods makes this a favourite in our books.

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