SwitchPod: Tripod to handheld in seconds

Kickstarter – SwitchPod

Casey Neistat made the GorillaPod flexible tripods world famous, at least among Youtubers and creators of video and photo content. While the GorillaPod wasn’t originally created with the intention of being handheld, it’s served that purpose well.

The SwitchPod is a 2-in-1 tripod that is both a selfie-stick and a traditional tripod. It can switch between these modes in seconds, as you can see in the illustration below. It is made for portability with its lightweight and compact design and the designers claim it to be indestructible – something we wish to test at some stage.

Kickstarter – SwitchPod – switching modes

While the traditional tripod mode is nice and makes the device extremely versatile, it is quite short and depending on your use, it may not be the thing you desire. You really have to want the selfie mode before you reach for your wallet for the SwitchPod. But if you do, you’ll be pleased with its hand-held abilities.

It fits most cameras, even phones and even DLSRs are supported. It’s currently crowdfunding and is expected to land mid to late this year.

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Yeti Hard Coolers: A cooler with a hot following

Yeti Hard Coolers

Yeti coolers are the stuff of legends. They’ve gathered a near cult like following in such a short amount of time. And for very good reasons too.

Most coolers from Yeti come with thick walls for better insulation. This keeps the temperature cooler for longer when compared to other comparable coolers from other manufacturers.

They are built like tanks and go almost anywhere you can. They’re great for storing your drinks to keep them cool on a hot sunny day, and with less ice to keep it cool when compared to coolers from other manufacturers. The coolers handle well and are perfect for storing your catch on the boat.

Yeti offers coolers in many colours, sizes and configurations to suit any style and purpose. Aside from their hard coolers, they also sell soft coolers which are amazing for the beach or where portability must rule.

As far as coolers go, you can do no better than a Yeti cooler. Be prepared, however to shell out some serious cash for one. They command a hefty price. But in return you have an amazing cooler that will keep on giving longer than most.

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Bespoke Post: A monthly box for guys that’s full of surprises

Bespoke Post

Subscriptions boxes are nothing new – there’s one to cover every aspect of your life. There is the now infamous Dollar Shave Club which sends fresh razors and other shave related products your way every month. Many others clutter this category. It’s quite simple – you pick some products and once a month, like clockwork, you receive in them in the mail. Not so, with this box full of wonder.

The boxes from Bespoke Post work differently. Bespoke Post find mostly undiscovered goods from great brands you’ve probably never heard of and offer you a preview of what’s to come in your box. You choose to either get the box shipped or skip it depending on whether or not the goods in the box is of interest – which by the looks of the past boxes we can’t see why they wouldn’t!

Signing up to a subscription costs you nothing. You only pay for when you choose not to skip a box every month. Boxes cost $45 and have items of value of at least $70.

The element of surprise, the great value and the quality of the goods makes this a favourite in our books.

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