Anker PowerCore+ Mini: A lipstick-sized portable charger that packs a charge

Anker is fast becoming one of our favourite tech accessory maker. The quality of product they offer is top notch. Besides quality they have quite the range of products as well – from battery chargers, power banks, speakers and more. We love their products so much, we almost always pick their products over the competitors similar product.

From this amazing brand comes the PowerCore+ Mini. The PowerCore+ Mini is an ultra-portable power bank that’s compatible with both Apple and Android devices. It supports high speed chargers for devices that do so you’re never waiting too long to juice up your devices.

Even with its small size, it’s able to power an iPhone 8 to full charge and then some.

It’s shaped like a lipstick and fits easily in your bag.

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Master Lock Portable Safe: Protects your gear on the go

Just when you thought you couldn’t carry your safe with you when you’re out and about, Master Lock comes out with a portable safe small enough to carry around and large enough to pack all your pocketable items.

The Master Lock 5900D is a combination lock safe that will keep your items safe when they’re not with you. Whether you’re at sports or at the beach, tie the cable around a fixed object. And as long as the would-be thief can’t remove the fixed object, your items are safe and sound.

The safe is ideal for travelling and for storing your phones, small cameras, keys, cards and cash. It is designed to be water-resistant to protect your items from water damage while inside.

The lock has glowing reviews from thousands of happy customers which is also reassuring.

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Bluelounge Multi Cable Clip: Keep your cable ends tidy

This multi cable clip is a device so simple yet so very effective. It’s a simple solution to everyone’s cable problems.

The Bluelounge CableDrop clip comes with 4 grooves to lock in four of your pesky USB or USB-esk cables. Your cables are tied in neatly to give your desk and neat and tidy look.

The back is adhesive and sticks to most flat surfaces including wooden furniture. It’s an essential item for every desk.

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Cyclops: Turns your iPad into a terrifying and huggable monster

iPad cases are a dime a dozen. This one from ILoveHandles caught our attention though. Its furry, loveable and huggable. It makes a great gift for kids and while at the same time keeping your iPad a little bit safer from damage.

It comes in a single brown colour and style, with two extending hands which are made of microfiber to clean your screen.

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Nebula Portable Projector: Take the big screen on the go

Imagine taking the big screen anywhere. That’s what Nebula Mars II from Anker makes possible. It’s a portable projector with a built-in battery you can take with you.

Nebula Mars II transforms any room into a home cinema. You can even take it outdoors for binge watching your favourite TV shows. It supports an extensive range of connectivity options: USB, Smart-phone, DVD, TV Boxes, etc.

The picture quality out of this mini projector is remarkable from a projector of this size and portability. We only wish the projector could last longer than the 4 hours it claims to last.

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